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Dr Venkata Mudunuri


Dr Venkata Madhuri Mudunuri (also know as Dr Maddy) started her career in 2003 and has served thousands of people from complicated tooth extractions to root canal treatments. The years of experiences allowed for an excellent long track record of successfully diagnosing and treating patient’s dental conditions. Dr. Maddy has been practicing dentistry with other seasoned dentists in New South Wales for more than 9 years and is familiar with the most common problems in dental health.

With Dr Maddy’s extensive experience and her soothing personality, she assists patients of all ages, particularly children, with anxiety and fear about dental treatment as has mastered relaxation methods that helps reassure them they are in safe hands. Dr Maddy will give all patients the utmost effort, passion and dedication to achieve full satisfaction from her expertise in dentistry, promising only to do and give the best solution in whatever dental or oral concern and/or condition.



Dr Maddy enjoys watching sports, trivia and eating good food.

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