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Modern orthodontics has evolved into two branches, Classical orthodontics and Aesthetic orthodontics. Classical deals with the way teeth come together and their straightness. The orthodontist strives to correct for skeletal mismatches between top and bottom jaws, cross bites of the front teeth and back teeth, non symmetrical growth patterns and while dealing with these issues straightens the teeth alignment. Aesthetic orthodontics is mainly applicable to those whose growth of the face and jaws have ceased. The clinician concentrates on the “smile” and makes minor adjustments to the front teeth, their alignment and fit to achieve a pleasant outcome and only makes tiny adjustments to the bite if it improves the outcome.


Our practice offers three courses of treatment.

  • Referral to an orthodontic practice when severe problems (Malocclusions) are diagnosed Braces or, in rare circumstances surgery are prescribed.
  • Classic treatment (braces) for non-complex cases that are completed at our practice.
  • Aesthetic adjustment that uses removable clear plastic training plates that gently re-aligns the front teeth to improve aesthetics.


All children who attend our practice are assessed to see if early intervention, either by referral or within our practice, will assist in their future dental alignment. Parents are advised of possible future outcomes on the basis of our examination.


Adults are encouraged to request an orthodontic assessment if they have concerns about aesthetics or functioning of their bite and advice, as to the most beneficial course will be given.


Any surgical procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek advice from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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