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Acne treatment

IPL Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

Are you looking to improve your skin?


You can also complement your dental treatment with IPL. We offer IPL- Intense Pulsed Light Treatments. IPL uses light based technology to provide a course of treatments that can improve many skin conditions.


Acne Treatments

IPL treatments can assist in reducing the production of sebum (oil). This helps to decrease acne outbreaks, reduce the size of pores and can help reduce further scarring of the skin.

Hair Reduction Treatments

IPL offers a quick and easy solution to minimising unwanted body hair with a series of 6-8 treatments and usually only requires occasional maintenance there after.


Rejuvenation Treatments

Over time, our collagen production can decrease. IPL skin rejuvenation treatments can help improve skin tone and texture by increasing the collagen production in the skin.

Pigmentation Treatments

IPL treatment can also help to remove sunspots, freckles and skin discolorations. Before starting treatment for pigmentation conditions, you will need to seek advice from an appropriately qualified health practitioner to make sure that there are no existing skin cancers.


Vascular Treatments

Veins and broken capillaries are common skin conditions. IPL uses a course of 4-6 treatments that can work to decrease Rosacea, thread veins and red areas on the face.

Complement your IPL treatments with our take home Algologie Products

Our range of professional Algologie Beauty Therapy products allows you to further enhance your IPL treatment outcomes at home. One of our IPL trained staff members can help you choose a combination of professional Algologie products that’s right for you.


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